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13 weeks

ISP Paderborn

4.226,04 € SFK21-03
20.09.2021 – 17.12.2021

17.01.2022 – 15.04.2022

21.03.2022 – 17.06.2022

05.09.2022 – 02.12.2022
(other dates on request)

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    Sicherheitsfachkraft Personenschutz und Berufswaffenträger
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    Lehrgangsanmeldung ISP
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  • There is no second chance when it comes to the protection of someone’s life.
    Close Protection means responsibility, diligence and above all professionalism. To protect assets such as valuables or a home, but especially for irreplaceable assets such as life, health and freedom requires specialist training and knowledge.

    • Law
    • Close Protection tactics in theory and practice
    • Close Protection protective equipment and technology
    • Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    • Structure and conducting of security analyses
    • Perpetrator Analysis and Types
    • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) awareness
    • Behavioural and Situational awareness
    • Fire Protection
    • First Aid
    • Unarmed Defensive tactics
    • Fitness Training
    • Firearms and Shooting Training
    • Firearms Proficiency Course according to § 7 WaffG
    • Testing according to the requirements of § 34a Gewo
    • Realistic Scenario Training
    • Force-on-Force Training
    • High-Risk-Security Training

    Awards after completion of this course

    • IHK Exam, according to §34a GewO
    • Firearms Proficiency course according to § 7 WaffG, bespoke Armed Security Personnel
    • First Aid Certificate
    • Shooting performance records
    • German Sports Badge
    • Close Protection – Completion certificate from the educational institution on passing the test

    Through our contacts with professional security companies, we support you during and after the training, in your application process for relevant vacancies.