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1 day
ISP Paderborn
350,00 € dates on request
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  • Shooting for defensive purposes is substantially different from sport shooting. The decision to shoot or not shoot — from legal and tactical viewpoints, under different light conditions, after assessing various options, then using the appropriate techniques and equipment are main aims of the course. A lethal threat situation does not begin and end with the use of a weapon.

    We have regional shooting ranges available where we can provide training with rifles and handguns. You will be trained by experienced instructors with years of professional experience as armed protective security operators. Training can be conducted with your own or rental weapons from ISP. Minimum group size is 4. Depending on your needs and level of training the content and duration can be adjusted to suit your training needs.

    Please note that we require registration at least 3 weeks prior to the course in order to comply with the necessary legal regulations.