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4 days
ISP Paderborn
314,00 € WB21-03
26.10.2021 – 29.10.2021

22.02.2022 bis 25.02.2022

17.05.2022 bis 20.05.2022

11.10.2022 bis 14.10.2022
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  • Whoever carries a weapon must carry with it a great measure of responsibility for their actions and their environment. Unsafe handling and lack of knowledge could lead to dire consequences for everyone involved. This is where we place great emphasis in our bespoke Firearms Proficiency courses.

    Course Content:

    • Legal regulations regarding the handling of weapons and ammunition
    • Proof Testing Law
    • Laws of Self Defence and Emergency Situations
    • Weapons and ammunition technology, general and specific for defensive purposes
    • Ballistics, emphasis on Terminal Ballistics
    • Illegal Objects
    • Safe handling of weapons and ammunition
    • Live firing
    • Security industry trade association’s regulations on weapon handling
    • Everyday particularities for the armed professional
    • Theory and practical tests

    Through our contacts with professional security companies, we support you during and after the training, in your application process for relevant vacancies.