Course Costs Course Date Info
10 weeks

ISP Paderborn
4.002,30 € MSK21-03
20.09.2021 – 26.11.2021

17.01.2022 bis 25.03.2022

05.09.2022 bis 11.11.2022
(other dates on request)

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  • You are a soldier or police officer with operational experience and are looking for an interesting new career? Have you considered the role of the Vessel Protection Officer? In this training course, you will receive all the necessary qualifications and be instructed in the knowledge that you need for the profession of Vessel Protection Officer.

    Training content:

    • Fundamentals of maritime and other relevant laws.
    • How to act in threat situations and de-escalation techniques in conflict situations
    • ISPS-Code and ISM-Code regulations and handling of hazardous materials
    • Behaviour on board und basic knowledge of Seamanship
    • Technical equipment on Ships
    • Weapons technology
    • Firearms Law and Foreign Trade Law from the Federal Republic of Germany and relevant port and coastal states.
    • First Aid and Life Saving at Sea
    • Threat levels in the Hi-Risk ocean areas, especially the tactics and armament of specific pirate groups and their methods for targeting ships.
    • Military operations in the Hi-Risk ocean areas, especially reporting procedures and possible military intervention measures.
    • Guidelines from the International Maritime Organisation (BMP 4)
    • SOPs according to § 5 Section 2 of the Regulation
    • Operational Tactics and Procedures at Sea
    • Maritime English
    • Firearms Training – Rifle and Handgun
    • Basic safety training according to STCW 95
    • Proficiency according to § 31 Trade Regulations (GewO) combined with § 10 Ships Guarding Regulations (SeeBewachV)
    • Proficiency according to §34a Trade Regulations (GewO)
    • Maritime Medical Fitness test
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination
    • Assistance with applications for vacancies


    • At least 21 years old
    • At least four years military service or completed police training
    • Preferred former teeth arms with operational experience
    • Driving license
    • Well established character
    • Physical and mental fitness
    • German language skills, written and spoken
    • Criminal records check
    • Teamwork

    Awards upon successful completion of the training:

    • Recognized certificate from training institution – Vessel Protection Officer
    • Qualification STCW-95 Basic Safety Training
    • Proficiency examination in accordance with § 34a GewO
    • Weapons proficiency in accordance with § 7 Firearms Law (WaffG)
    • First Aid certificate
    • Maritime Medical Fitness certificate
    • Yellow fever vaccination certificate

    Through our contacts with professional security companies, we support you during and after the training, in your application process for relevant vacancies.